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Lordz2.io is a multiplayer tower defense game set in the time of kings, lords, and wizards.
Build the biggest army to take over the map, and conquer new territories to expand your kingdom and unlock the best HEROES!

New stuff:
– HEROES System with special POWERS, – CAVALERY units, – Tons of new buildings to unlock new soldiers, – WALLS !! (Build walls to protect your base from other players) – Advanced FORMATION system – and more!

W,A,S,D or Mouse control : Movement
Click anywhere : Attack nearest building
Click on a building : Attack this building
E or Right Clic : Activate Power
Space : Split

B : Build Menu, U : Units Menu, F : Formation Menu, Y : Units Upgrades Menu, V : Rewarded Videos Menu,
C : Change Formation, M : Show Mini Map, L : Show Leaderboard
Enter : Open Chat
Esc : Pause Menu